Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just a quick post.

This is for Preston's dad. I just had to post that I went fishing with Preston, his dad, and Kayson & Peyton. I haven't fished for over a year, but decided to go for a break from our littlest boy. I beat everyone fishing by catching 3 fish. Preston caught 1 fish, and Larry caught a great big 0. I just wanted to post and remind him that he got skunked! Just wanted to get him all riled up. I wish I had some pictures because the boys looked really cute. They must be true Marx's because they love fishing with their dad and grandpa. The batteries were charging on our camera so I don't have any picts of it.

After we came home we worked on the front yard. Hopefully next Saturday we can start putting in some of the sprinklers. I'll take some pictures to show our progress.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

I forgot to tell about one of my piano students. I taught piano lessons today to a 7 year old boy named Caydon. . When he was a baby he had cancer somewhere in his head. I'm not sure what kind or any details, but in order to try to get rid of it, the doctors had to remove one of his eyes. He now has a glass eye in that eye. When he came in to lessons, he was so excited. He said, "I played an April Fools Day joke on my classmates. They didn't know I had a fake eye, so I took it out and put it on my tongue." He popped it out and pretended like he was going to eat it. Pretty gross, but funny. I just had to share that. If you have a better April Fools Day joke better than that, I'd like to hear about it.

No More Snow!

I am so tired of snow. Just when I thought we had seen the end, it comes back again. We got the "spring itch". We started phase 2 of the retaining wall project. I think there will probably be a phase 2, 3, 4, & 5. We have our work cut out for us. I didn't realize how hard it is to put in a yard. I don't even know where to start.

This is the retaining wall. It's one of the boys' favorite place to play. Preston has worked really hard on it.

In these few really nice days, we went through the shed and cleaned a few things out. During our cleaning we found our baseball stuff. We also found an old batting helmet. Kayson and Peyton were so excited about the helmet that they had to play baseball right then. So we pulled out the bats and balls and had a game of baseball in the back yard. I guess that's one good thing about not having a yard, you don't have to worry about any trees or ruining anything else. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of us wearing the batting helmet.

I know this might surprise you, but the helmet wasn't that big on Peyton.

Kayson is becoming a really good left-handed batter. We just signed him up for baseball. It will be fun watching him play with other kids his age.

Tyson even gave batting a shot.

Preston took a turn at bat with the mighty Kayson pitching to him. But he showed his boys that he still has it, and hit the ball past the dog kennel (which was the homerun mark).

Now that the warm days have left and the Roosevelt cold wind is here, the boys have had to play inside. I hope it warms up soon. I'm not sure I can take it much longer. They're getting restless in the house.

Tyson is getting into everything. He thinks he is such a big boy. Yesterday I told him it was time for a nap, and so he ran into his brothers' room and climbed up on Peyton's bed and layed down. I'm not sure he would stay there and sleep if I let him. So for at least a little while longer, he will be sleeping in his crib. When he's awake, he has such a personality. He knows what he wants. He gets so mad when you stop him from doing something he wants to do. He has started getting into everything. We have to be really careful about shutting the bathroom door. If it is open, he's in there playing in the toilet. Another favorite place to play is in the pantry. I don't mind this one as bad as the bathroom, but I don't like that he pulls everything off the shelves.

This is Tyson in the pantry. He's found the honey bear and is sucking on it like a bottle. He was so mad at me when I took it away. You can see he knows how to find a way to get things on the higher shelves.