Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catch Up

Catch up

Here are some pictures of some things that we did over the past few weeks. They aren't in any kind of order. They are just some random pictures.

Kayson wrestling with his cousin Dallin

"Do you know the Muffin Man?" Peyton had to dress up as a nursery rhyme for preschool.

Sleepy little girl

On January 23, Tyson had his 2nd birthday. We had cupcakes in icecream cones, went swimming, and then went to Chuck E Cheese.

All 3 boys at Chuck E Cheese.

All the car rides were Tyson's favorites.

Preston and his brothers going ice fishing.

I had to put this picture up. Kate crosses her eyes a lot. She always makes me laugh.

Grandma Miller holding Kate. She held Kate the whole Christmas break. We love Grandma Miller!

All ready for church

Kate in her Christmas dress. Her legs are so skinny that the tights look more like baggy white pants.

Kate's Blessing

2 Months Old
It was Kate's blessing today. It was a really good day. The blessing was so special. Preston always does such a good job. I always feel the spirit so strong when we bless our babies. There were a lot of happy tears shed today. Mostly by me. We had a lot of family and friends come and support us. We had some good food after the blessing. I didn't realize how big our families were until they were all at our house.
My sister-in-law, Crystal, came and took some pictures of Kate for us. She does such a good job. I put just a couple on here so you could see them.
This is my favorite picture. That little girl has here dad wrapped around her little finger.Two great baby sitters!
Here are some pictures of Kate. I couldn't get enough pictures of her. She looked so pretty in her dress. These are pictures that Crystal took.

Craig and Niyah. She is such a cute little girl. Tyson kept taking away any toy away from her. Hopefully in the future, they can become better friends.
My niece Ali and my little sister Melissa came to support us.

My Grandma came. Aren't grandmas the best.

It was a great day. We love our family.