Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's "Tyson of the day"

I don't have any pictures this time.  Preston has my camera at work.  I thought I would write a quick blog to tell about the "Tyson of the day".  I thought I would do something besides watching TV, so I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then went outside to mow the front lawn.  My kids are TV zombies, so I figured the show would keep them busy long enough for me to get it done. We don't have a very big front yard so it only took me about 15 minutes.  When I came back in, I found the "Tyson of the day".  Apparently the show didn't distract the one I wanted it to.  I went to my bedroom and found that Tyson had gone to the fridge, gotten out the left over creamed peas, and had taken them back to my room to eat.  They were spilled all over my comforter on my bed.  Besides the peas, there was some other white smears.  Those same smears were on the nightstand and the recliner.  On the floor by the recliner I found the half empty tube of toothpaste.  From the bedroom I walked into the family room to find Kate's saucer filled with salt.  The salt trail continued from the saucer to the bench of the fireplace.  From there it continued into the kitchen where it ended and the empty salt container lay.  He dumped out a full container of salt.  By this time I was pretty frustrated and went and found Tyson. When he turned around to see me, he had a white skunk-like streak from his forehead to the back of his head.  In his hand he had my deodorant.  It's amazing what a 2 year old can do in 15 minutes.  The other 2 kids didn't even notice he had done anything because they were glued to the TV.  I guess that's what I get for using the TV as a babysitter.  From now on, I'll leave the lawn mowing to Preston.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preston's Rough Day

I guess the nice relaxing weekend had to end sometime and real life would start again.  Preston has been playing basketball every morning at 5:30.  This morning he came back limping. He came down on someone's foot and sprained his ankle.  That was the way the day started.  A few hours later, I went outside in the backyard and started weedeating.  Preston put on an ankle brace and thought he would help me by mowing down some of our weeds. (For anyone who has seen our backyard, you know we have a jungle in our backyard made of weeds.)  I heard the lawn mower make a funny noise and stop.  I looked over to see Preston turn it off and turn it over to look at it.  Then a minute later, I heard him yell.  Long story short, the mower was off, but when he moved the thing that was caught in the blade, it came down and sliced 3 of his fingers.  After a trip to the hospital and some medical super glue, this is what his fingers looked like.  The picture doesn't do justice to the injuries.  The cuts are pretty deep.  Each one cut down deep and cut through where his fingernails were growing under the skin.  He's starting to really feel it now.
  I had let the kids turn on the hose and play with the water while they jumped on the tramp while I was working on the yard.  So when we had the little accident, I had forgotten all about the water.  My sister had come over to watch the kids while we were gone.  Kate was asleep in the house, so my sister stayed  inside with her. When we came back from the hospital, we went outside and this is what we  found.
They had made their own little backyard mud pond
Every inch of them is covered in mud
They had a ball
I tried to take a couple of pictures of Tyson and right when I snapped one, he put a muddy spoonful of water in his mouth.  Yuck!
So that was our day today.  Pretty rough for Preston.  But fun for the kids.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Roughin' It In The Outdoors

We have been wanting to go camping with our family and we finally made it work this weekend.  We went up to Pole Creek.  When we got out of the truck, we were attacked by mosquitos. They were really bad.  I took Kate and we went and hid in the trailer. After a while of hiding out, we decided to go fishing with the whole family. 
Preston and Peyton tried to catch a few fish
Kayson  loves fishing like his dad and is getting pretty good at it
This is Tyson fishing.  We couldn't keep him out of the water.
Preston kept making fun of the hat I made Kate wear.  I was just trying to protect her from the sun and the bugs.  But she didn't mind the hat at all.
After a day and a night at the campground, we decided that the mosquitos were too bad and we decided to pack up and move a little lower on the mountain.  We found a really pretty place without the mosquitos.  It was perfect. 
We brought the boys' bikes with us and the new place had a nice soft grassy road for the boys to ride on.  Preston took Peyton's training wheels off and he caught on really fast to the two-wheeler.
After riding bikes, we decided to go for a little stroll. 
After the walk, we hung out at camp.  The boys ran around, Kate hung out on the blanket, and we started our tin foil dinners.  It was really nice and relaxing.Day 3 wasn't quite as nice as day 2.  The wind and the rain came so we all hung out in the trailer.  Here are the boys trying to make funny faces since we were stuck in the trailer.
Here we all are in the trailer.  After a little while being all together in a tiny space, we decided to pack things up and come home.  Dispite the mosquitos, the rain and wind, we all had a great time. It was really relaxing.  Just what we all needed.