Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's a girl!

On December 8th at 8:08am we had a new addition to our family. Kate Marx was born weighing 6lbs 2oz and is 18 1/2 inches long. We are all so excited to have her here especially Mom. (Kate 2 days old)

She is so much smaller than our boys were. Although her feet and fingers are long and skinny.

(Kate 1 week old)

The proud Daddy. Preston has to hold her every chance he gets. He has been worried about what to do with a little girl, but I can already see she is going to be Daddy's little girl. She has him wrapped around her little finger.
Kayson has been my big helper. Since I can't move around very fast, he helps me by getting diapers, and other things I need.

Peyton loves his little sister. Every time he sees her he says, "She's so cute, huh". He likes to pick out her clothes for the day. Although she doesn't have anything that fits her right now. For the first 2 days she wouldn't eat anything. It was really sad and frustrating. She dropped her weight down to 5lbs 6oz. I was getting really worried, but since then she has figured the eating thing out and is starting to gain the weight back. At 6 days, she had gained 7 oz and weighed 5lbs 13 oz.

Tyson loves his baby. He loves to hold her and thinks she is his. He of all my boys is having the hardest time. He wants to sit on his mom's lap all the time. It's hard because I know he is missing the time he had with his mom before the baby. He has been wrapping himself up in all the baby blankets, laying down in the bassinet, and has even tried to drink one of her bottles.

Tyson with some of his sisters bows in his hair. He wants to have everything his sister has.
Preston has been so good to me and the boys. He has taken off quite a few days of work to help out. Besides cleaning the house, picking up kids from kindergarten, and making sure everyone gets fed, he has been playing with the boys and making sure they have a good time with their dad. He took them sledding yesterday. They had a ball.

Peyton fell in the snow a few times and got his face cold, but he was a good sport about it most of the time.

Kayson loves the snow and has been playing in it everyday since it has snowed.

Tyson loves the snow, but gets cold fast and wants to go inside.