Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A quick "Tyson of the day"

Just had a quick "Tyson of the day" to share.  This morning Tyson went straight for the kitten and played with it.  He knows it isn't allowed in the house.  So he'll put it up by the door and opens the door.  He thinks if it comes in by itself then he won't get in  trouble for bringing it in.  Anyway, he was outside playing with it, and I told him to leave the kitty outside and we needed to leave to go to swimming lessons.  He put the kitty down and came in.  I went in the other room and put Kate in her carseat.  I came back in and asked Tyson where the kitty was. He told me it was outside.  I thought I had better check so I walked around outside.  I couldn't see it anywhere.  So I came inside and did a quick walkthrough to make sure it wasn't in the house.  I couldn't see it.  I thought it probably got smart and ran and hid outside.  So we left.  We came back about 3 hours later.  I checked outside to see if the kitty was around.  It still wasn't where I could see it.  I came back inside and started cleaning up the kitchen, and then I heard a faint meow.  It was somewhere in the kitchen.  It meowed a few more times.  We tried to be really quiet so we could hear where it was coming from.  It was like playing that "you're getting warmer" game that kids always play.  We checked in all the cupboards and pulled out all the drawers.  We couldn't find it.  Finally after a lot more meows, we decided it was coming from under the dishwasher.  In the end after getting the screwdrivers out, we got the kitty out from under the dishwasher.  Tyson didn't want to have the kitty outside and had tried to hide it.  It ended up not being so bad. The kitty is fine and is outside. And things are back to normal.  Hopefully that is the only "Tyson of the day" today. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Addition!

New Addition

It's a kitty!  I'm not sure Preston and I are as excited as Tyson.  He never puts that kitty down. Our neighbors have a kitten, and for the past 2 weeks Tyson has been sneaking out the door and going over there for the kitten.  I bet I go over there to get him at least 8 times a day.  It only took Preston one day of watching him to decide we were going to get him his own kitty.  So here he or she is.  (We haven't found out yet)

The kitten is grey and white.  Here are a couple of names that the kids have thought of.  Peyton's names: Rainbow, or Brownie.  Tyson's names: Cat, or Meow.  Kayson's names: Silver Bullet.
I'm not sure we've all agreed on one name yet.  I'll have to update when we decide.
Evening Trampoline Fun
Almost every night the boys beg their dad to go out and jump on the tramp with them.  All the boys have been working on their flips.  Even Preston has been getting in on it.  That's what these next 2 pictures are of.  It looks like they are going to land on their heads, but they landed alright.
This last one is a picture of Preston giving Kayson a "Super Bounce".  This is their favorite part of jumping with their dad.  He bounces them really high in the air and sees if they can land on their feet.
Dinner Time! The "Tyson of the day"
I can't remember if I have shared "Tyson of the day" before.  Tyson seems to always keep me busy  and usually does at least one thing every day that really frustrates me.  My sisters think it is hillarious.  They started calling them the "Tyson of the day".  Some past "Tysons of the day" have been covering the whole frige in red and blue permenant marker, turning on the full blender without the lid on it, and flushing a lemon down the toilet. So here is today's "Tyson of the day". Here is a picture of the victim. Kate just started eating baby food.  I had just given Kate some peaches.  She ate them, and then I cleaned her up.  I  put her in her saucer and walked into my room.  A minute later I heard her crying.  I walked in and Tyson had gone into the kitchen, gotten the rest of the baby food and had tried to feed her.  I don't think she got any in her mouth.  There was a trail of food from the kitchen table to the saucer in the front room.  The smile on her face is relief to see someone that was going to save her, not that she was enjoying the free food.Here's the suspect with no remorse what-so-ever. He was pretty proud of himself.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer's Finally Here!

Fishing Trips have already started

Peyton graduated from Preschool!

T-Ball Came and went. The boys loved it.

Peyton wasn't too happy when the other team got him out.

Here are some cute pictures of Kate

Preston dressed Kate up in some of the boys' old baby clothes. He thought he was pretty funny. She does look a lot like the rest of her brothers.

She is such a good baby. She loves to smile.

Fishing "Trip"

I planned on making this a long post, but after I started, the add image button stopped working. So here are just a few things. I'll try to post the other pictures tomorrow.

Tyson sometimes finds the make-up and tries some of it. That mustache is made out of mascara. That face he is making looked pretty close to what his mom's face looked like she saw him. The other picture, he got mad at me and went to pout in the laundry room and ended up falling asleep.

Bath Time

This is Kate. I just have to put that because without pink clothes and headbands, she could be mistaken for any of her brothers at that age.

So here's where the fishing comes in. Our latest news happened last night. Preston went with his dad and brother fishing on the river. They decided to take Kayson with them. While they were walking, Kayson tripped on a log and fell. He got up and came and told his dad that he hurt his knee. He wasn't crying. He just said that he scratched his knee a little. They continued to fish and on the way home, Kayson fell asleep. So today he showed me his sore. It just looked like a small hole, like he had fallen on a small rock. At church he said that his knee was hurting so after church we took another look at it. It was swollen and so Preston and I thought it must have a sliver in it. We couldn't see anything in it so we had to dig in his skin a little ways. Kayson was really tough and after a while of digging at it, Preston pulled out a huge thorn or stick. He even had to use some pliers to pull it out. It was pretty creapy looking. It was over an inch long and it was pretty thick. The picture just doesn't give it justice. The other picture is of his knee. We drew a circle around the area that was swollen and red, just so we can check it tomorrow and make sure it doesn't keep swelling. Kayson is feeling fine now.