Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Day

Wednesday was a rough day for our family. It started out with a big swimming pool next to our house. One of the sprinkler pipes had broken and there was water shooting out everywhere. Preston was in meetings and wasn't able to come home, so the kids and I gave it a try. We were able to turn the water off and use the shop vac to suck things up before it all went into the crawl space. I was hoping to enjoy the rest of the day after the mess was cleaned up, but after a few hours, this is what happened...
We had a huge wind storm here and it blew 3 of our trees down and onto our neighbor's (Parkside) roof. Luckily it only damaged a little bit of the rain gutter of the neighbors, and it broke some of our fence.

 Another view of the trees.
It also blew down 5 sections of our fence. I think most of it is repairable.

Here's my awesome hubby cutting the trees so that we could get them off the the roof. I was pretty nervous when he was climbing the roof with a chain saw in his hands. But he came back down with all his body intact.

 I decided to add a cute picture of my little Kate to lighten things up. She loves the slip & slide except she doesn't slide. She just likes to stand in the little pool and the end and play in the water.
This is how Tyson does it. He runs down the whole thing and then does a seat drop at the end.

Just a couple of pictures I wanted to add. The other day I heard a strange noise. I ran in the kitchen to see Kate in the pantry with the Marshmallow Maties. She dumped the whole thing out. It was hard not to get mad. When I got to her, she was really going to town on the marshmallows.

How can you be mad at this cute little girl?

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  1. Wow crazy windstorm you guys had. Glad to see that the damage wasn't too bad. Our Abby girl sure misses her cousins especially little Kate.