Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random Summer Pictures

This summer is already flying by. We've already gone to 2 family reunions, finished T-ball, half way done with baseball, and started swimming lessons. There are so many different things, that I just need to post a couple of pictures to breifly show what we've been up to.
We went camping in the desert for a family reunion. Kate got to spend some quality time with Grandma.

My sister brought her dog with her and Kate wouldn't let that dog out of her sight. The dog was a pretty good sport about it.

Preston helped catch a horny toad for Tyson. He carried it around on his shoulder for a while until his dad talked him into letting it go.

It has been so hot here lately that running through the sprinklers has become a part of our every day routine.
Kate even jumped in on the fun.

We have been enjoying the warm weather. It seems like every night we have something right at dinner time and it makes it hard to prepare dinner. So we have been having a lot of barbeques. Mostly hamburgers and hot dogs. They're great and fast and we all love them. We had  grapes with our hamburgers and the kids thought they were pretty cool as they threw them up in the air and tried to catch them in their mouths. Kayson and Peyton were pretty good at it. Tyson tried to be just like his brothers, but was not as successful. In the end he did actually catch one in his mouth. I don't think anyone was as surprised about it as he was.

 After dinner, its a special treat for the kids to hang out with their dad. He plays ball with them in the back yard or jumps on the tramp with them. They love it. He's been so busy lately with work. It seems like the only time we see him is after dinner. This was Kate's special time with her dad. She loves her daddy.
While the other boys were playing baseball in the backyard, Tyson secretly climbed into Kate's old saucer. Unfortunately for him, he got stuck and needed help getting out.

We started swimming lessons again this year. Peyton and Kayson are loving it. This is Peyton doing bobs. He's not even posing for the camera. This is how he looks when he does them. He loves swimming lessons.

Kayson has been practicing his cannon balls. I'm not sure they teach you that in swimming lessons.

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  1. I love the picture with Tyson and the grape about to hit him in the forehead!!!! Too funny!!!