Monday, August 16, 2010

After party party

I forgot to post a few pictures.  About 5 minutes after we got home from the birthday party, we had a little rain storm. It only lasted 5 minutes, but it poured.  We live in the middle of a hill, so we had a lot of water running past our house.  The boys were letting their toys float down the water until the water got too full and fast and swept their toys away.  Then they just decided that it would be fun to lay down in it.  Pretty gross, but I let them do it anyway.  They had fun.
Tyson's pants got so wet and heavy that they were starting to fall down.

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  1. I love it - that is the best after party party ever! Tyson I love that picture of you! Peyton is getting SO TALL in that 2nd picture I thought it had to ahve been Kayson becasue he was so long. I am glad they had fun! Thanks for sharing Tami