Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A little background. My dad is into hunting dogs.  He has about 5 German Shorthair dogs.  He is very particular about the breeding of his dogs.  They all go back to some kind of dog champion on both sides of the dog.  He is also particular about who he sells his dogs to.  So it was supposed to be a big compliment when he offered to give Preston one of his puppies.  That was 3 years ago. Around the the 4th of July this year, our dog got out of her kennel and ran away.  She was gone for 3 days.  We found her wandering the streets and put her back in her kennel.  Okay, so lets bring you back pretty close to the present.  A week ago, I sent Kayson out to let the dog out and give her water.  He came running back in all out of breath.  he brought me some pretty surprising news.  PUPPIES! Sprinkles our dog had had puppies. (Yes her name is Sprinkles.  Kayson named her) I had no idea she was pregnant. Six cute little brown puppies.  Apparently she must of had a pretty fun 4th of July.  Here are the puppies a week old.
Not a very good picture, but still really cute. 
Here's mama Sprinkles. I am not a dog lover, but this seriously is the best dog.  She is a great hunter (from what I hear from Preston), she fetches, is really good with our kids (never jumps up on them), doesn't bark or howl, and goes to her kennel when called.  She is a really mild dog.  I have to admit I kind of like her.
So here's my little plea.  These cute little puppies are a week old now, and in 5 more weeks will be needing a new home.  I can't have 7 dogs. If you want a puppy or know someone who does, they're yours.  I'm sure with a mom like they have, they will be good dogs. Come on, look how cute they are.

So enough of the promoting.  On to everyday life.  Along with school starting, soccer started too.  Kayson and Peyton are playing soccer.  This is the first year we've put them in it.  I don't know why we waited.  They are naturals.  It is so fun to watch them.
Here are a couple of pictures of Kayson playing in his first game.  I couldn't find the camera in time for Peyton's first game, so next game I'll get some pictures to share.
The BIG Project
I have been wanting grass in our backyard so bad.  And it looks like my wish might actually come true.  These are some pretty boring pictures, but I have to show our work.  Not too long ago, all this dirt used to have huge weeds in it.  They were so big and so thick that we had all my nephews and nieces come over and play night games in them.  All they had to do was duck in the weeds and they were gone.  Preston has been working so hard trying to get it ready for the sod.  My dad came over and used his tractor to help smooth out any bumps. 
That little thing in the ground in the back is the trampoline.  We decided to bury it while we were doing all the other work.  Just a little advice for those thinking about it.  Harder than it looks.  Our sod comes a week from tomorrow.  We will be pushing it to get everything done on time.  Any prayers are appreciated.
While helping, my dad decided to give Tyson and they neighbor kids a ride around in the bucket of the tractor.  They loved it.
Hopefully next weeks post will be some pictures of the new grass.

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  1. If I think of anyone that wants a puppy I will be sure to let you know. And we will be over thursday to help