Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mommy's little helper

My mom brought us a bucket of about 2 dozen fresh eggs. We set them on the table while we finished watching a show as a family. During the show, Kate quietly dissappeared. After it was over, we turned around and found this.
She didn't get all of the eggs, but probably broke around 8 of them.

I can't believe we couldn't hear her back there.

 Eggs are so gross to clean up.

She even tried to help me clean up by picking up some of the shells.(Notice the egg on her face and dress.)

This is after she knew she was in trouble.


  1. I was not too happy about it because I was the one that left the eggs out. Thankfully Tami can see the "funny" in these situations.

  2. Kate what were you thinking? I wish that sometimes you could know what little kids are thinking about - was she just going to make some QUICHE or what? I bet whatever it was she was planning on doing it was meant to be SUPER helpful. Sorry you lost your fresh eggs.
    Love you Kate! and Marx family!
    Aunt Karen